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with notes from loved ones



“To create one’s own world takes courage.”



I love this because it reminds me of Paris. We have had some great times in Paris and the memories will last my lifetime, mushroom omelet will never be ordered the same way. Always remember you dragging David to all the galleries, we ate great food watched great shows and covered every bit of Paris Je. t.aime pour toujours Xxxx



Pollock theory is there of a dripping paint texture. For me the abstraction expressed here creates a different view to others, the creativity when Bert is to capture something different it is and always something that everyone can talk about. Thank you Bert for all your brilliant, imaginative, obscure and honest work of arts we have had the pleasure to see and save, we have had many discussions about your pieces. Love you Alicia



The texture and structure create a very interesting and changing look of the artwork.



This piece reminds us of how much you and Nanna love the beach. Walks along the coast from Whitfords to Hillarys, followed by lunch at Spinakers. There’s nothing like our beautiful Perth beaches, if only you could have lived this daily. We love you always, Niesh & George x



That reminds me of when we drank 2 liters of prune juice in 20 minutes and all hell broke loose and only 1 toilet



Family is important when it comes to shaping young people. Bert came along at a vital point in my life and his personality, humor, and strangeness taught me to embrace the weird and true side of myself. I am forever grateful to have found a fellow weirdo and good friend but most importantly, someone I look up to. One of my favorite days was going through bookshops with you in the city and you treated me a giant comic book series I liked. I still keep it nearby and have read it many times. This piece changes depending on the day I look at it, but it is always the one I look at the most.



This painting feels very calming, I see a shark floating through a school of fish.
Tilly and I spend many hours by the water and she tells me Nan and Pop love to do the same. Now we will do so with you in our thoughts.



Creativity takes courage.
Albert proved to all of us he definitely had a lot of courage!
Georgia O’Keeffe said:
If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.
Which suits Pop great he is so creative, when he first came into the family we didn’t really understand him as a person. As time went on we got to know/understand more and more about him with his creativity, once this started happening we realised how well he fits in to the already unique family and he does perfectly being funny, caring, loving, willing to get out of his comfort for us and getting us out of ours! Really proving to me he is one of the strongest and brave people in our lives.
We are all blessed to have him in it.



I'm so glad to have you in my life. When I was younger (and more naïve) I thought you were a bit weird but as I've gotten older and watched the world for a bit longer, I see you as a completely open-minded, extremely intelligent, genuine human being with a much bigger understanding of everything. You are someone I've learnt how to be myself from. I do wish we spent more time together x I love how happy you've made my Nana and I love you too. Thanks for being my pop and I hope you're not in too much pain xx

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These are two pieces hanging in my home. 

The blue one makes me think of WA's coastline and how beautiful and colorful our country can be. Especially the red dirt look through it. It's one of my favorites.

DSC_8821 (2).JPG


3 years ago when we bought our first home we had very little furniture, a broken fridge and only camp chairs to sit on… but we did have Bert’s artwork! In fact, it was one of the few things Curt brought with him, wanting a reminder of his Nan and Bert to be with us at all times. How exciting it was when you both came over and we were able to share our house and the artwork showcased with you! For the past 3 years, every day we have come home and seen the bright and happy artwork throughout our home, all painted by our very own Bert! Thank you Bert for always providing the sunshine in our house through your artwork. We love you always x



The beauty of art is that it speaks to everyone in all languages. Though i don’t know what you might have envisioned when you put paint to canvas I know when I walk into our house and see these paintings they immediately evoke a sense of sunshine. Some days depending on my mood they can mean other things like fire or the sunset over rocks, but they never fail to be noticed by me that’s for sure. The arts were one of the many topics you and I could waffle on about, and this artwork will always remind me I have a fellow cinephile buddy in you Bert!



Many hours were spent in attempt to determine which colour was dominant. Some people clearly see red-orange and the strongest colour and others say yellow. In my opinion it’s which ever colour you focus on that saturates the painting. I just love how the texture from the paper and minor black colours pull everything together creating a another level of depth to analyze and change your opinion once again. Art is really about the thoughts it creates and the endless debates.



The earthy tones in this, along with the wood paneling jumped out at me - it reminds me of my stables and rural Australia, almost looks like bush fire flames in the distance but an eery calmness in front.



Bert, I only really met you a couple of times, but you came and looked at some of my paintings. You left a big impression on me and were kind enough to encourage me to keep on painting. I hope you get to meet and have lots of discussions with some of your favourite artists up there in the heavenly galleries.



I saw this at one of Bert’s gallery’s and was drawn to it immediately. The fluid movement and gradients of black, white and grey hues evoked an emotive response in me and I fell in love. Gazing at the painting for the first time I recall I felt swept up in it. I proudly have this art piece on display in our study where I often look upon this canvas remembering the time we walked around your gallery and you shared with me the insights of each piece and your thought process for the creations on display.



I love this painting, it offers me an ever-changing view depending on the day, time, season, mood / swirling ocean depths; the power of nature and thunder; grey days bit with hope shining through; light and dark - well you get it! Like Bert these inner depths bubble and embrace unashamed individuality



Hey Bert,
This makes me think of Ireland the orange from the flags and the green for the country, in the silhouette of a person is this you? You always had a vast knowledge about random stuff. I'll always remember you and my dad debates



Bert, as soon as I saw the page was being made for Bert’s artwork and we each choose a piece, I looked for the strangest one. I knew it would be in there. Bert has a genuine curiosity and a fountain of knowledge for all things kooky, which is probably why we get on so well.



The dark moody colours were used in lots of Tiffany glass pieces & the most famous collection of Tiffany glass is housed in Howarth House in Accrington. I had the absolute pleasure of being shown the collection by Berty when I stayed with him & Margie. What a memorable day as Bert’s contacts also gave us a sneak peek at the upcoming Davy Jones exhibition which just sealed a perfect day. Tracy wasn’t interested in going but I treasure the memory of that day & all the beautiful pieces we saw with you Berty.



Hi Bert, We remember how you loved to take an early walk at the beach. We love to do the same. Small pleasures mean so much. Love and sandy kisses Maurie and Rose.



I love a few of Bert’s work however this was a favorite of mine as it reminded me of Tracy’s garden.



This painting I see a little penguin. Which reminds me of Bert. He's small in frame but sure is full of personality. Bert you are definitely one of a kind just like your artwork. X Chloe & Dara



I remember first meeting you Bert. You had such an inviting and infectious smile and you spoke with me like we had known each other all along. Thank you for spreading that sunshine to people!



Thankful to have met you Bert! We have enjoyed speaking with you at the famous Booth parties and getting to know you! You are a genuine soul Meg and Mitch



Bert to have met you was nothing short of an honour. May your young spirit continue to shine always. Sending love from the hotter side of the world



Sally and I spent a lovely evening chatting to Bert about this and that but then we realized we all shared a love of Animation - particularly Studio Gibley. I remember being amazed that the power of hand-drawn animation could interest at least three generations. We resonate with this picture because it reminds us of the shifting conversation - We started as strangers but a common interest linked us all. Bert is a truly lovely man and his artwork reflects his talent and personality.



Oh Bert, such a funny serious character!! I only met you a few times, but I always felt such a nice feeling for you. I loved how you loved Marg too I hope you find peace wherever you are.



"Art is meant to disturb, science reassures."

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